Groups and Teams

TH3 is internationally recognized for enhancing mental and physical health/vitality across professional diciplines. TH3 collaborates with universities, schools, teams, companies, and corporations. TH3 delivers customized courses, clinics, and seminars in nutrition, movement, play and environmental design. All vitality courses and educational trainings are tailored to the specific needs of clients to optimize both internal and external vitality.

Vitality Design:

TH3, collectively, has over 60 years of experience in product design, innovation and human performance.  TH3 brings a critical and creative eye to the vision, appeal, and performance of products and external environments. Drawing from a deep well of  advancments in human architecture, bio-design and environmental influence, we aim to help vision, design and communication optimal internal and external vitality.

Navigation tools:

  • Nutritional- Assessment and consultation, restoration and lifestyle planning, cellular architecture teaching and education
  • Movement- Assessment and consultation, rehabilitation/restoration, functional movement sequencing, movement architecture teaching/education
  • Mental skills and cognitive therapies- Human performance, mindfulness, personal growth, mental skills teaching/education
  • Nature- Training and creative play, restoration treatments, and meditations
  • Movement Performance Product Innovations- Footwear, apparel, equipment
  • Vitality Environmental Design- Vitality assessments, consultation and design (home/business)
  • Leadership Executive Skilling- Including but not limited to mindfulness, balance, visioning, strategic planning