" It is about treating the cause not the symptom, looking at integration of the whole verses isolation of the arising disfunction or disease. Traditional approaches to health and wellness  look at sick people to try to understand health. We, at Th3 look for patterns of healthy, thriving populations to better understand health and all aspects of human vitality. Looking at things from this perspective we can better understand what it means to optimize human vitality internally and externally." - Lynette Deschler


We are all unique in our biochemistry and biomechanics, and therefore requires unique treatments based on the individuals need and experiences.  We start with a thorough, global vitality assessment of the underlying causes of your needs be it improved vitality, healing from injury, illness, movement education or personal growth.  We design  treatments to treat your whole body not just symptomatic parts.  We focus on a holistic approach to education that works with the body synergistically helping bring an optimal state of vitality.

Your TH3 vitality journey may begin with physical rehabilitation which, in this case,  our goal would be not only to restore your function and remove pain, but to provide you with tools and education to live independently, with a greater sense of vibrancy throughout your life.

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Utilizing the many facets of our professional experience and expertise the Th3 team guides vitality through multiple disciplines including:

  • Nutritional- Assessment and consultation, restoration and lifestyle planning, cellular architecture teaching and education
  • Movement- Assessment and consultation, rehabilitation/restoration, functional movement training, movement architecture teaching/education
  • Mental skills and cognitive therapies- Human performance, mindfulness, personal growth, mental skills teaching/education
  • Nature- Training and creative play, restoration treatments, and meditation
  • Movement performance product innovations- Footwear, apparel, equipment
  • Vitality environmental design- Vitality assessments, consultation and design (home/business)
  • Leadership executive skilling- Including but not limited to mindfulness, balance, visioning, strategic planning