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kHeadaches Article
kDynamic adaptability – Movement Article
kFascia overview – Movement Article
kSoft tissue research – Movement Article
kSport Endurance research food for thought… Article
kGeeking out in movement education Article
jOn ground hip/core function – Utilizing AFS Video
j5 minute strength sequence utilizing AFS Video
jProgressing power with your squat matrix utilizing AFS Video
j5 minute strength sequence utilizing AFS Video
jCore function utilizing AFS Video
jCreating elasticity in soft tissue structures utilizing AFS Video
jLunge sequences utilizing AFS Video
jBalance, coordination, stability utilizing AFS Video
jSoft tissue elasticity on ground function integrating AFS Video
jPush up matrix utilizing AFS Video
jShoulder matrix utilizing AFS Video
jSquat Matrix utilizing AFS Video
jArm swing matrix utilizing AFS Video
jStrength and single leg balance utilizing AFS Video
jStrength progression and the shoulder matrix utilizing AFS Video
jOn ground functional strength arm driver shake utilizing AFS Video
j10 minute strength sequence utilizing AFS Video
jIncreasing thoracic mobility utilizing AFS Video
j(2) On ground hip function and core strength sequence utilizing AFS Video
jMobility and leg swing matrix utilizing AFS Video
jMobility and stretch matrix utilizing AFS Video
jHip function on ground sequence utilizing AFS Video
j5 minute stability sequence utilizing AFS Video
jKnowledge quick hit: Think about it- What is your core? Video
jQuick hit: Strength 5 minutes Integrating AFS Video
jMovement anytime integrating AFS: Thoracic + Common lunge matrices Video
jIce or Heat ? Sports Injuries Video
jLower Limb Injuries beginning restoration and repair Video
Dynamic Ligaments
jRestoring the knee Video
jRestoring the back Video
jRestoring the ankle Video
j15 min Mobility : Increasing function and space of the spine Video
jRestoring the shoulder Video
jRestoring the Knee – Rehabilitation and function Video
jAnkle Sprains- Returning function Video
jPelvic Floor restoration phase 1 Video
iGuided Visualization: Vibrant tissue function 10 minutes
    iGuided Visualization: Hip Restoration 18 minutes Audio
    Partner Play Functional Training
    Guided Visualization : Vital Soft tissues function and performance 10 min
    kIcing? Is it the right call for injury- Food for thought Article
    Foot Function and structure article – Food for thought
    kFoam Rolling research and food for thought : soft tissues Article
    kSoft tissue structure of the human body Article
    kLayers of Human tissue Article
    jMobility : Integrated back and beginning function Video
    kFoam roller research Article
    kEvaluation of American Play Grounds Article
    kMore on Facia Schleip Article
    kThe brain on movement Article