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jOn ground hip/core function – Utilizing AFS Video
jProgressing power with your squat matrix utilizing AFS Video
jLunge sequences utilizing AFS Video
jStrength progression and the shoulder matrix utilizing AFS Video
jOn ground functional strength arm driver shake utilizing AFS Video
j10 minute strength sequence utilizing AFS Video
jIncreasing thoracic mobility utilizing AFS Video
j(2) On ground hip function and core strength sequence utilizing AFS Video
jMobility and stretch matrix utilizing AFS Video
jMovement anytime integrating AFS: Thoracic + Common lunge matrices Video
jIce or Heat ? Sports Injuries Video
jLower Limb Injuries beginning restoration and repair Video
jRestoring the knee Video
jRestoring the back Video
jRestoring the ankle Video
j15 min Mobility : Increasing function and space of the spine Video
jRestoring the shoulder Video
jAnkle Sprains- Returning function Video
iGuided Visualization: Hip Restoration 18 minutes Audio