Client Testimonials

“For years I had ever increasing chronic pain, diagnosed in many different ways, none that provided any resolve. A friend shared their experience with me in working with Lynette.
I was ready to try anything and Lynette really was my last sense of hope. Working with her was a life shifting for me. I am now pain free with a greater sense of joy for my life. I have such deep gratitude for Lynette coming into my life.”


“Th3 brought a whole new perspective to what I thought I understood in the design world. They taught me how people and their environments deeply influence design. I am a better designer because of what they have taught me, and now I implement what they have taught me into both my work and personal life.”  


“I have been a designer for the most innovative sport company in the world for over 25 years, I can say without a doubt Lynette has been one most influential, educated and inspiring people I have ever had the honor of working with.”  


 Lynette was the first teacher I had that told me the story of the human body. Through my entire medical education I had not been told the story of how things connected. What she has taught me has made me a better  doctor. 


Lynette is the most inspirational and passionate mentor and teacher I have ever had. Lynette and the TH3 team taught me a new understanding to designing with the human body. They have made me a better designer and have shown me how things truly are all connected.


Lynette helped me not only be a better athlete but educated me on how I could take better care of my body for the long term. She cares about you as a whole not just the discipline you are working in. 


When my dad was finally letting go of life, I lost the energy to do her challenging sequences, and she once again catered to me and my sisters needs by doing yoga and lower intensity mobility work, with the incorporation of relaxation and mental protection techniques. This helped us take our mind off of what was happening, but also gave us tools to cope with what was to come.


Lynette not only educates you on the architecture of the human body from a holistic perspective but she makes it fun and engaging through her years of experience with athletes and others she has worked with. I wish she could teach more classes and I look forward to the opportunity to learn from her in the future.

– Dr. LC, MD

After my accident, and into my physically and psychologically restricted world came Lynette,unwilling to allow me to stay comfortably restricted and unchallenged or to consider myself ‘old’ or ‘disabled’.

– Dr. JS, MD

To say Lynette was a gift or a second chance brought into my life is an understatement. Lynette means much more than a second chance or physical therapist or a trainer to me. Through my journey with Lynette, I have not only found someone who is a healer and teacher but I found a mentor, a friend, an inspiration and a coach in all aspects of my life.

– AS