You are Nature. 

Simply put we are nature, an extension of the natural world and its processes. We function as an interdependent member of the biological and physical world. Similar to all natural biological systems on the planet, we humans adapt, grow, regenerate, we are dependent on the interactions and reactions of other natural biological and physical systems.


You are the Planet.

Our innate vitality is connected with the planet. Our biological and spirit bodies are not separate from the evolution of the planet. We are just beginning to understand our influence on the planet and its lifeblood of interdependent physical and biological systems, and vice versa. Every moment of every day we are intricately linked to the physical world around us, even if we are not conscious of it. Even the simple quality of our breath can be dependent on environmental factors and the planet’s function.

You are the Universe.

Our vitality is further interdependent with the energy that infuses the planet from out in the universe. The human experience is more than our bodies, our minds, our profession or our desires. Our vitality is related to the energy exchange that takes place between the sun and our planet, and the forces outside of our everyday awareness. All energy throughout the universe is in a constant state of being transferred around and within us.